Lua Script Editor

Integrated development environment for the LUA programming language, compatible with ATV MeasLab

The Lua Script Editor is a specially developed software for TSP script and Lua script capable devices for the automation of measurement tasks. The software works with TCP/IP capable devices of the 26XX, 37XX and 2450 series by KEITHLEY Instruments, as well as with the Lua Script capable devices of the MeasLab series by ATV GmbH. It allows direct programming of complex measuring sequences on the measuring instrument and provides simple functions to view and edit the measuring results directly on the PC.

Programming can be done completely in the language of the measuring device (Lua or TSP script). Recourse to more complex high-level languages such as C/C++ or C# is no longer necessary.

The software enables development engineers to easily create measurement scripts that can be executed either directly in the script editor or in a supplied runtime environment at production-related test stations. Sequence control can be simplified by means of graphical user interfaces (GUI). Direct visualization and storage of measurement data is possible.

The system consists of the following components:
  • Lua Script Editor: Integrated development environment to create measurement scripts and graphical user interfaces.
  • Runtime environment of the Script Editor: Enables the execution of measurement scripts without being able to change their source code (operator mode)
  • Lua RTE: Convert any PC into a Lua capable device. For example, access a KEITHLEY 4200 using the Lua Script Editor.

To get started more easily, the Script Editor comes with an extensive collection of practical examples for various measurement tasks. These demonstrate, for example, the measurement of MOSFETS or the recording of simple current/voltage characteristics with KEITHLEY 26XX series devices.

Your advantage: The Lua Script Editor is part of the scope of delivery when purchasing a compatible device via ATV GmbH. Buying individual licenses, as well as the relicensing of existing devices is also possible.